Thursday, January 28, 2010

Biodegradable Plastic Bags - the revolutionary plastic bags

Penang (state of Malaysia) has recently extended their Green State campaign. The original "No Plastic Bag Days" on Mondays, has extended to Tuesday and Wednesday as well.

Big hypermarkets and supermarkets such as Jusco and Tesco accept the campaign with open arms.

Such a campaign is not new to Jusco as few years ago they have introduced a revolutionary biodegradable plastic bags to their customers in Malaysia. However due to the high cost charged to customers, it is not too succesful. Visit Jusco Malaysia homepage JUSCO BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC BAGS for more details.

Normal plastic bags will take decades to degrade, but the new biodegradable plastic bag will degrade after a few months to a few years for similar product. The biodegradable plastic bags look just like normal plastic bag. They are manufactured with add-on additives that help to speed up the biodegradation process.

One of the pioneer in these additives is EPI (

The "No Plastic Bag Days" green campaign is fantastic at reducing the use of plastic bags by consumers. For some industry where plastic bags are unavoidable, the biodegradable bags are the best options.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Home Rubbish - go Green, go Organic!

You don't need to burn holes in your pocket to play your part in saving Earth from global warming and climate change. Reduce, reuse and recycle your old rubbish from home can be fun and satisfying.

Old Newspapers and Carton Boxes

* sell your your old newspapers - stop throwing them away and sell them to collectors - they usually collect them on weekends in vans or small lorries shouting "OLD NEWSPAPERS, OLD NEWSPAPERS!". In Malaysia, you probably get some rolls of tissues in exchange!

* use them as mulch - wet and place them around your plants to keep away the weeds and grass. Once they rot, they will provide some nutrients to your flowers too.

* packing paper - pack your gifts with the latest papers headlines page. You might provide them with some interesting news they have missed!

* make paper planes - teach your kids to make paper planes. Read some of the interesting stories from the newspapers while doing so. Save you some money on books and expensive plastic toys.

Plastic Bottles

* sell them to recycle centres - this is the easiest and cheapest way. Besides it can provide you side income

* use as home decoration - if you feel creative and full of inspiration, you can try to use the multi-coloured bottles to decorate your home, or your garden. Who knows you might be the next interior design expert using home rubbish!

* water container - use them as drinking water container. They are cheaper than the fancy bottles, and you won't mind if they spoil or get stolen. Just don't pour hot water directly into them, unless you want to see how they shrink and become out of shape

Other Miscellaneous Recycle Tips

* Soft drinks and beer cans - if you open a restaurant or bar, use them as decoration. Use you imagination - you can display them from most expensive to cheapest, or from top selling to least sold. For the excess, just sell them off to recyle center

* old clothes - use them as kithen rags. The shirts can be used to wife the table. The pants can be used as floor rags or mats.

* old magazines and book - donate them to charity bodies like the Red Cross. You can also give them to friends who own clinic, surgeons, restaurant, bar etc.

Garage Sales!

* get few good neighbours to participate in your local garage sales once or twice each year. "One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure"

* some of the items you can sell are outdated shoes (the ladies should have a cupboard of these), shirts, blouses, dress, old phone, DIY tools (hammer, screwdrivers etc), jewellery, furniture, utensils and many more

If you have other tips that are cheap, easy, practical and creative, share them with us at

go Green, go Organic!

Composting Earthworm - natural organic fertilizer producer

Let’s get up close and personal with these amazing wiggling creatures.

Do you know that throughout the day, earthworms continuously move underneath us without we ever noticing them, tirelessly composting organic materials as they move along so that our soil is always stay fertilize for plants growth. They create the top humus soil that that are nutrient-rich and contents countless count of beneficial bacteria that recondition the soil.

As they move around in the soil, they create countless air passages that help the plants root system get proper aeration and nutrients which they have produced through the worms’ digestive system. The castings are nutrient-rich, providing essential nutrients for most vegetative plants to grow again.

Friday, January 22, 2010

3,000 Fall to Worm Farm investment scam in Malaysia

Malaysia popular newspapers, the Star, reported that some 3,000 victims all over Malaysia might have fallen to prey by a worm farming company.

The company branch in Kulim (Kedah state) has closed down suddenly last week. The company promises investors of a return of more than 100% in their investment to produce vermicompost or worm compost.

Check out the official report by The Star >>here

Berita Harian, the Malay language newspapers also report the same story >>here.

100% Vermicompost - Excellent Natural Organic Fertilizer

Our Black Gold Organic Fertilizer comes in few various packing    sizes to meet different customers needs:

  • 1 kg - small pack to supply around 10 small potted plants
  • 2 kg - enough for around 10 small potting mix
  • 5 kg - serious organic hobbyist
  • 20 kg - organic garden, home lawn, natural farming

Functions and benefits of our Black Gold Organic Fertilizer:

  • Well balanced and rich in nutrients such as Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potash (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg) and Sulphur (S) and other trace elements
  • High contents of beneficial microbes, vitamins, enzymes and     growth substances    such as auxins and gibberellins
  • Contains nitrogen fixing bacteria    which continuously help to increase the available nitrogen for the plants
  • Excellent soil conditioner helping to improve soil drainage,    structure, aeration and water holding capacity
  • Neutralize soil pH content,    ensuring nutrients are readily available for plants
  • Plants become more resistant to    disease and pest
  • Does not burn plant roots as it is very stable
  • Help to improve crops yield
  • High organic matter content
  • Safe and non-irritant to skin
  • Easy to handle and apply

Monday, December 14, 2009

Toyota launched popular Green car, the Hybrid Prius - click here for full story by

Toyota introduced their latest Green car, the 3rd generation Hybrid Prius. The vehicle is officially launched on the 3rd of August 2009 in Malaysia.

Toyota has done a great job on Prius, but the price of RM175k might priced customers away.

For those who own or ever test drive the Prius. Mind sharing the rides experience?

p/s:The photo is obtained from Wikipedia. Go to Wikipedia for full article.

Penang, the Pearl Of Orient of Malaysia, go for "No Plastic Bag Day" - click here for full story by BERNAMA

The Penang state of Malaysia has declared every Mondays are the "No Plastic Bag Day". The campaign starts on the 1st of July 2009. Penalty of RM0.20 will be charged on each plastic bag used to the consumer. The money will be donated to a charity body.

Other states in Malaysia should follow suit and not left behind in this wonderful campaign to save the Earth from global climate changes.

Show your support to this cause and start bringing your own bag the next time you go for groceries shopping!

Read the full article at this link: